Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)

When is tooth cleaning required?
• Teeth are generally always covered by a slimy layer composed of bacteria. This is called as plaque.

• Plaque needs to be removed on a regular basis through thorough brushing.

• Failure to remove this plaque leads to tartar (calculus). Once tartar is formed, it needs to be removed by a dentist. No amount of brushing will remove this tartar. Dietary and other substances such as tobacco use will also cause staining on the teeth.

• When tartar is present for long time, it starts to deposit below the gums on the root surface of the teeth. Removal of this tartar below the gum line needs to be done by a procedure called as deep cleaning (root planing).

• All this can be removed through cleaning of the teeth. This cleaning of teeth also takes care of any stains on the teeth due to smoking, tea/coffee consumption etc.

• Failure to remove this plaque can also cause tooth decay. This tooth decay too can only be removed by a dentist.

• No home remedy can come to your rescue once tartar or tooth decay form on the tooth.

• This is one of the reasons why patients are advised to visit a dentist at least once in 6 months. When a patient visits a dentist once in 6 months, dental disease such as those caused by decay and tartar can be diagnosed early treated appropriately.

• The longer you delay dental treatment, the more complicated the treatment and the more expensive it is to treat. Remember… Dentistry is not expensive, neglect is.


The deposits on the teeth have been removed after a thorough cleaning by the dentist.

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